The Course

In this course, you'll learn how to play at liberty with horses in a way that inspires their spirit and natural curiosity, master the concepts of positive reinforcement training to deepen your communication, and grow your relationship through trust!

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To Build Deep Connection with Your Horse?

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We are here for you; to give you the tools you need to start exploring a new way with horses! We have put this course together so that you can feel supported and empowered to build the relationship you dream of with your horse! You don't have to do it alone - we are right here with you!

Build Your Foundation

In this course, we are learning the basics of Liberty Horsemanship. You will get a full guide of how to start Liberty Horsemanship with your horse and build a strong foundation together!

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Once you purchase this course, it's yours to keep! This is primarily a video course Take it at your own pace, and come back to it anytime you need!

The Course

What You Will Learn

  • Explore Positive Reinforcement

    Explore and master the concepts of positive reinforcement training to deepen communication with your horse!

  • Grow Your Relationship

    Build trust and understanding between you and your horse, and find true partnership!

  • Play with Your Horse

    Learn to play at liberty with your horse in a way that inspires her spirit, natural curiosity, drive, and creativity!

Who is this course for?

  • People who are brand new to Liberty Horsemanship who want to get started playing with their horse at liberty

  • People who want to explore and become fluent in Positive Reinforcement Training and all it has to offer

  • People who want to deepen their relationship with their horse

  • People who want to better understand their horse and build two-way communication

  • People who hope to "unbreak" their horse and want to relate and collaborate with them in a new way empowers both horse and human

  • People who want to build solid trust with their horse

The Liberated Horse

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